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The evolution of integrative forms is investigated and the features of each stage are revealed. So, with these measures participating countries facilitate customs control in territory of each member.

The role of the customs union as a prerequisite for the further development of integration in the long term is substantiated. In this case, the importance of customs controls increases at the external customs border of a single customs territory.

Development of economic integration undoubtedly has as its positive as negative effects on the parties.

The formation of integration blocs considerably strengthens their economic potential, promotes commodity turnover, cooperation and industrial relations.

The term "integration" is derived from the Latin integratio - filling, recovery, and integer - the whole [5, p.

Integration does not only favour to resolve modern problems, but also specifies the new ways of economic, political and legal development of the state.

International integration is a special sphere of foreign economic policy, which is usually considered separately from other trade policy measures.

Introduction The processes in the global economy are reflected in the economic policy of states and are characterized by increasing activity of the international economic entities at different levels in all spheres. The formation of interstate integration associations created to stimulate the growth of production and trade between countries, is the specifics of the world economy. Countries integration forms Source: author's interpretation. the same trade regime, tariffs and nontariff regulation of FEA are established and implemented with respect to third countries free movement of production factors (capital, labour and services) coordinated fiscal, monetary, trade and customs policy that provides free movement of goods, services, capital, labour Free trade area implies that participating countries eliminate all trade barriers within integration area, but each country keeps them in relation to third countries.

The reasons of association of developing countries differ from the reasons according to which developed countries are included in this process.

508] and is a process of mutual accommodation and association of national economies of two or more states with uniform social systems.

Depending on the form of integration the objectives of international economic integration are specified.

While formation of free trade area and customs union (these forms of integration are the most common) participating countries tend to expand the market and provide the favourable environment for trade among themselves, as well as simultaneously prevent the competitors promotion of markets from the third countries.

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