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Living up to its name, you'll experience ‘sweet madness' at Le Folie Douce, which boasts some of the best après ski in Europe.“Bananas” is another favourite, well known for its fantastic cocktails and convenient slope-side location.

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Olympic medallists Marielle and Christine Goitschel learned to ski there, not to mention triple gold winner Jean-Claude Killy, after whom the wider ski area is named.A local tourist tax (Taxe de Sejour or Kurtaxe) is levied by many councils in European ski resorts.It varies by standard and type of accommodation and is age dependent, so not everyone is charged.In Val d' Isere's 92 restaurants, you'll find dishes to suit all tastes from traditional Savoyarde indulgence to Marga...We all need advice at some time or additional in regards to our love life, and whether you are exactly new to Meet Spurt DATING or support a enduring of experience, getting tips and being able to talk to friends about your experiences can only help.

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