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Police said that she studies upto intermediate and three victims approached police till now.

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Matchboxmeet not only encourages people to find their compatible partners but also helps people expand their network for various other purposes.

This process is structured in the most appropriate manner and is time-efficient and provides a comfort zone for people to interact with each other. Once you have signed up on the Matchboxmeet website, you will be asked to register on the day of the event following which, you will be given a name card and a matchboard which will help you jot down your interests about your match mate.

The matchboard also contains a list of tips on how to start a conversation, topics of interest, questions and many other pointers which will help you have a better interaction with an individual.

Each participant will be given a duration of 8 minutes to interact with their match-mate.

Women remain seated, whereas each gentleman will move from one lovely lady to another at the ring of a bell within a span of 8 minutes.

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