Objectivist dating

The questioner apparently also is having great difficulty finding anyone else in Charleston, SC, who knows something about Objectivism and is favorably disposed toward it.

It certainly sounds as if the questioner is correct: relocate somewhere else, somewhere that is more likely to allow the questioner to meet fellow Objectivists of either gender and any marital status.

Where is the best (most likely) place to meet Objectivist women? I live in Charleston SC, and it seems to me what women aren't hopelessly dependant are philosophically corrupt.

I think you are referring to the following "..fact, a man's [i.e., a person's] sexual choice is the result and sum of his fundamental convictions.The questioner -- and anyone interested in this topic -- might want to check out my podcast on "Finding Good Prospects for Romance and Friendship," which I did last summer.It's 90 minutes, and it's available for purchase for .The real philosophy that stands behind a person's character is his sense of life, an emotional, intuitive complex of deep-seated value-judgments and orientations toward the world and others.Most people do not act consistently on their conscious religion or philosophy, and indeed most do not really take abstract ideas very seriously.

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