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Not only do I highly recommend this book but I wish it was available when I was in my first leadership role and received my first kick in the ass! A More Perfect Derrire: Confident Humility Chapter 8. The overriding lesson is that it is your mistakes and failures that should result in your personal growth. Read this book and learn the importance of the balance between confidence and humility, why an unexpected and unforeseen kick hurts more, how being a good leader starts with being a good person and why you must choose to adapt instead of being stuck in your own way.Her role as a wife gives her a bird's eye view of what it's like to be in one of the most complicated yet common relationships known to humans - marriage.Even before Anna Kline begins to suspect that she is suffering from symptoms of the schizophrenia that sent her own mother into an institution for life, her marriage has begun to fall apart.Alex Hills arrived in Alaska in 1972 looking for adventure by accepting the challenge to lead a team to install the first VHF phones in Alaska's remote villages.There were some shortwave radios for communication, but the signals were affect by the aurora borealis, a frequent occurrence at that latitude.Eventually radio broadcast, television broadcast, full phone, and two-way communication services reached all Native villages, though internet service remains slow to take hold.

Finding Alaska's Villages and Connecting Them Alex Hills Dog Ear Publishing 4011 Vincennes Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268 .95, HC, 174pp 9781457551109, .95, PB, 174pp B01MCYMMKF, .99, Kindle, Matthews Reviewer The history of telecommunications in the United States is a fascinating story.

Each phone installed would be shared by the entire village.

Hills' book is alive with Alaska, which tells the telecommunications story but personalizes it to Alaska as he describes caring for planes in -50 weather, serving as a landing light, introducing Alaska Natives (e.g., Maryann Sundown, dancing diva of Scammon Bay, and her mosquito dance).

When signs of schizophrenia set in, she begins to question whether she is actually losing her mind or if her husband is playing games with her, trying to make her believe she is crazy.

She also begins to suspect that Sean is having an affair and that he's using the mental imbalance in her bloodline as a means to escape their marriage and be with the imagined other woman.

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