Nuchal dating scan nhs

Not all offer this service for free, if you want it and they don't offer it in your area you have to pay to have a private one.If your area does offer it (mine does and had the scan today), then you will be asked if you want the Nuchal screening for downs when you see your midwife and i thnk they asked me again when i booked in for the scan and again when i went today to confirm you definitely want the test done.I had a Nucal scan done privately as im an 'older mum' and was worried but it has to be done no later than 13 weeks or the fluid and skin are not as they need to be to get a correct analysis.I know it is a garauntee to be 100% but i can get on with being pregnant with much less of a worry now as it was low risk.Most NHS trusts as far as I am aware don't offer NT scans because of the lack of trained staff.My hospital (not the whole trust) started offering these for babies due after 24/12/08 but forgot to do it when I went for my scan at 11 3 but all women are offered the triple test between 16 and 20 weeks so I wouldn't worry if you haven't had a NT scan.Your choice will always be respected, and whatever you decide, it will not affect the level of care you receive.

if i have to pay for this is it recommended or only if i was classed as high risk? I think you have to do what you feel comfortable with. They do other tests later on in the NHS and you can opt for an amnio if results are in a high risk % area. I was 37 at the time and so wanted to know what was what.

For most people, the scan is a happy experience, but unfortunately this is not true for everybody.

Read this information carefully and decide whether you want to have a scan or not.

Let your midwife know if you do not want to know about these.

If you book early enough in pregnancy, a nuchal translucency measurement can also be performed; often referred to as a nuchal translucency (NT) scan.

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