Nicole scherzinger dating simon cowell

Singleton Matt, who looks just like One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, is the hot favourite to win the competition and has been since the live shows kicked off.

Four Of Diamonds left last night’s show after a sing-off against Saara Alto, and luckily we did not see Saara’s mentor Sharon Osbourne straddling her when she was declared safe.

In 2012, Nicole was also seen with R&B singer, Chris Brown at Supper Club, getting close and kissing; though both, later on, denied any such illicit relation. She was also linked to Steve Jones, Derek Hough, and Drake.Nicole Scherzinger, the ex-Pussycat Doll lead singer and X factor judge seems to be happy with her present boyfriend-Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. Nicole Scherzinger is 13 years older than Grigor Dimitrov.But did you know that Grigor is not the first male with whom Nicole Scherzinger has been associated with?However, by February 2015, bitterness had reached a peak and they split again for good.Nicole Scherzinger is a singer as well as a dancer.

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