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He added that their off-screen rapport; which consisted of them "taking the mickey" out of each other also helped.With the rapid intake of water, Charlie cannot wait for the emergency services to arrive and dives in to save her.Annie is then locked in her room after being ordered to pray for forgiveness.After Tony Holden (Jon Sivewright) learns of Annie's imprisonment, he forces Bruce to release her and Annie and Geoff move in with him and Lucas.Annie was an "innocent farm girl", who was also intelligent, "unusual" and impressionable.A notable storyline for the character involved her becoming trapped in a storm drain and being rescued by Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson).

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Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) enquires about Annie's schooling and Bruce tells her Annie is being home schooled, but it soon becomes apparent that Bruce is lying.They added that she is "a strange mix of knowing farm waif and innocent child, partly muddled by old-fashioned religious morality." Annie can be a "handful" at times but school tamed her.She gradually transforms into a young woman and takes an interest in males. Lewis told a reporter from Inside Soap that Annie and Geoff have a "natural brother-and-sister chemistry" because they both have siblings off-screen and were able to relate to it.Annie is worried that Jai wants a sexual relationship with her, but he sets her straight.The couple are nearly killed when Kane Phillips' (Sam Atwell) car swerves to avoid Melody Jones (Celeste Dodwell) and crashes into the school.

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