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Other guys seem to be far more cynical about Korean women, and consider the possibility of meeting a high value Korean girl a write-off, not something that can be obtained in this lifetime.

Of course, at least a few foreign guys are hooking up with Korean women, judging by all the foreign guys who have their arms wrapped around Korean girls… It’s definitely not impossible to meet and date, if not have sex with Korean women, but it isn’t a cinch, either.

While the above are by far the easiest ways regular guys can meet and date Korean women, there are much better options if you know what you’re doing.

As with anything in life, generally, the easier something is to get the less valuable that thing is.

prep in advance by reading these three articles: 5 Things You Can Do in the Bitter Cold of January to Get Laid More This Spring You Don’t Really Want to Get Better With Women How Important are Physical Looks When Meeting Women But let’s continue…

It’s a different story entirely if you actually enjoy those venues…

Even though their ranks are smaller than the anti-foreigner crowd, there are still legions of Korean women interested in dating foreign men if they get a chance.

Establishing a relationship with Korean women, for all but Asian Dating Monthly readers, usually takes meeting them in the right social settings, multiples dates, putting up with an extreme lack of sex initially, and having to maintain her fickle happiness in the relationship for a while before things progress sexually.

A warm reception gives you a great opportunity to wow her… Just remember that, while it’s definitely workable to get dates from the girls you talk to in public during the daytime, it’s far easier to meet and date women you meet at international parties or language exchanges.

Unfortunately, the ease with which you can meet women at those places means that competition with other guys is fierce, and the girls they’re fighting over just happen to be… I’ve gotten pretty much all of my dates by meeting women out in public during the daytime.

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