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It’s about doing something for someone else, even when you don’t feel like it. It’s also easier to put off marriage when you’re a man. I wish I could reassure all women and say, “Of course he’ll commit.” But that is simply not the case.Don’t be afraid to ask him why he hasn’t yet married.He’s been unwilling to face the fact that no one is perfect. Don’t think that the hard work is over if you become engaged. He may seem as if he is on cloud nine all the time he is around you.Consciously or unconsciously, he’s still unwilling to accept that ALL relationships mean compromise. He may say that you’ve changed his life and he’s finally happy. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about anyone else; it was just that I found it more convenient to . I lived on my terms, around my own schedule, to my convenience.

Dating is not easy and being in Atlanta is even worse! I spent so much money on line dating and it was useless. We both joke that if it wasn’t for Single Atlanta that we would have never met.Our diverse membership includes young professionals, mature singles, senior singles, all ethnicities, Christian singles, Jewish singles, divorced singles, single parents, widowed singles, retired singles and more. He has chosen a person to be with until "death do we part" (or divorce... That's a big commitment and you're going to sabotage it while innocent people get hurt.I had been set up on blind dates by my friends and co-workers, been on Match.Com, Eharmony, and Yahoo personals and met some interesting, decent people but something was always missing.

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