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The show, which follows the complicated lives of the Pearson family, instantly garnered an enraptured audience thanks to its emotional storylines and time-jumping structure.

Here's everything we know about the second season so far's podcast, "You have the smallest amount of fear that there will be a sophomore slump, and you read 201 and you’re like, 'No.' The stories shift and we go deeper into the past and further into the future." Which means fans have a lot to look forward to. Myself, @lonniechavis & @nilesfitch Each is as important as the next.

Firstly, Rebecca's relationship with Jack will be a focal point, as Fogelman said, "Their story is a story about marriage and marital difficulties and hopefully coming out better on the other side of that, but maybe not." But we'll also see future Rebecca take on a more significant role: "We evolve those relationships in the present day on individual levels.

have been waiting for the arrival of Season 2 since the finale's heartbreaking—and for some, dissatisfying—final moments.It appears that you are trying to access our website from a location in the European Union, which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).Unfortunately, because of this regulation we cannot provide access at this time. We'd also hope to see Marc Evan Jackson back as Michael's boss Shawn, along with possible returns for Maribeth Monroe (Mindy St Claire), Jason Mantzoukas (Derek) and Maya Rudolph as Eternal Judge Jen (short for Hydrogen).Jameela Jamil had promised that the premise of season three was "bloody brilliant and so exciting" as she hyped up the second season finale and so it proved.

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