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Many of you are still confused if she really likes women or not, so in this section, we're going to down the curtains on this weird rumor, once in for all.To be honest, you'll be a bit surprised after reading.She began writing the film four years ago and shot it over 18 days last summer.“As I wrote the script, I was doing a lot of work on myself, therapy and reading books and trying to get to the bottom of all the things I was running away from. I had a lot of insight into my own behaviors, and I put that right into the characters.” The movie also marks a reunion for Du Vall and Natasha Lyonne.She first came into limelight from her role in the movie series, The movie was a big blunder in the box office, but it helped kickstart the actress's career.Since then she never looked back and featured in back to back to hits.

In an effort to try to resolve Ruby and Pete’s issues, Sarah (Natasha Lyonne) and Jessi (Clea Du Vall), Jack (Ben Schwartz) and Lola (Alia Shawkat), and Annie and Matt (Jason Ritter) end up confronting their own relationship problems.

Every single one of them, including a character that easily could’ve been reduced to a one-note caricature (Lola), is so well-drawn in Du Vall’s script – each with their own problems, fears and motivations.

These are fully-realized characters, and rarely does a simple conversation or confrontation ring false in “The Intervention,” except for maybe one of its broader scenes.

If you're still star struck after hearing her dating with Fred, see these pictures above. The actress herself didn't admit her relationship with boyfriend, but you all know now that she is hiding it.

So her current relationship status means she is not a lesbian and belongs to straight sexual orientation.

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