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Quick Heal is an Indian company which develops security software under its own name, and produces enterprise offerings under the Seqrite brand.

Quick Heal Anti Virus Pro is the company’s starter product for home users, although you wouldn't know that from the feature list.

Like many antivirus packages, Quick Heal has options to automatically upload suspect files or stats on malware detection.

my quick heal total security is not updating-83

It quarantined Process Hacker almost as soon as it was first launched, for instance.This wasn't very effective in our small-scale test, but with new sites appearing every day it's a difficult feature to test effectively, and we've seen good reports about it elsewhere.We were surprised to see that Quick Heal Anti Virus Pro has a firewall: they're normally reserved for internet security suites. It's not particularly smart, or easy to set up or use. A Browser Security module restricts the ability of web browsers to access or modify system folders.There's a single unsigned file, but otherwise the package took a reasonable amount of disk space, correctly protected its files from malware, and used just two background processes, which typically consumed under 100MB of RAM.The Quick Heal Anti Virus Pro interface is cluttered, and not particularly intuitive.

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