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I owe thanks to literally thousands of people; some of whom I know, and some of whom I do not.I thank everyone that played The Restaurant Game; my friends Chris Darken, Brad Pendleton, David Wenger, and Jason Greenberg for beta testing from the west coast; Paul Tozour for his early support and feedback, and for playing 23 times; Andrea Thomaz and Steve Rabin for spreading the word at HRI and GDC; Dan Robbins for his user interface insights; my Thesis Readers Professor Cynthia Breazeal, Henry Lieberman, and Will Wright for their feedback, and for inspiring me with their own work; Professor Deb Roy for broadening my horizons, giving me the freedom to explore, and the guidance to succeed; the Cognitive Machines Group, especially Michael Fleischman for many lessons in computational linguistics, Stefanie Tellex for evaluation guidance, and Peter Gomiak for shaping my thinking about collaborative planning through early prototyping; my parents for their support and enthusiasm for my education; and most of all my wife Melissa for playing the customer in two of the first three games on launch day, and for supporting and encouraging me in every aspect of my life. * M otiv ation Learning Plan N etw orks Evaluating Plan N etw orks O utline of the Thesis Related W ork C ognitive Psychology Chatbots and V ideo G am es Language U nderstanding L earning P lan s Data Collection with The Restaurant Game W hat is The Restaurant G am e?

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Correlation between interpolated likelihoods combining actions and language and human ratings...List of Tables Table 3-1: Gameplay statistics from 5,200 games Table 4-1: Game length statistics, based on 5,000 games Table 4-2: Speech act statistics, based on 5,000 games Table 5-1: Descriptions of typicality ratings given to raters Table 5-2: Top 40 bigrams for waitresses and customers Table 5-3: Binary classification matrix comparing estimated likelihoods to hum an ratings Table 5-4: Binary classification matrix comparing estimated likelihoods to hum an ratings...86 Chapter 1 Introduction Conversation is a collaboration. " "Table for one please," only makes sense because we understand the social and cultural context.Specifically, I describe learning the Restaurant Plan Network from data collected from over 5,000 players of an online game called The Restaurant Game.Thesis Supervisor: Deb Roy Title: Associate Professor Learning Plan Networks in Conversational Video Games by Jeffrey David Orkin Submitted to the Program in Media Arts and Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Science at the MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY August 2007 Advisor...

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