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If you’ve ever taken a loan or bought a house, you realize there are tons of paper records associated with those transactions.

While many modern companies digitize those records, they still have the original papers locked away somewhere.

Plex need to switch to the newer Google CSE API - but that is a paid service for more than 100 searches a day.

- in the search options of 'match' or where? Even when I find a match by searching TVDB for the title, the agent does not download any metadata or covers.

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Don’t read further unless you’ve finished watching the Mr. This article reveals some of the technical and plot points and hidden secrets of that gripping episode. As a reminder, during Stage 1, Elliot, Fsociety and the Dark Army launched a complex hack to wipe out (technically to encrypt) all of E Corp’s digital financial records, while also destroying their digital backups.

Robot season two finale answered a few overarching questions, while introducing many new ones. Frankly, I can’t help you with any of those questions, but I can tell you how much hacking and technology Mr. One of the big reveals, and the only hacking related plot point from this week’s finale, was Elliot finally learning/remembering his “Stage 2” plans for E Corp.

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