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newglasses , So I recently just got glasses around a week ago and I have found it inevitable to have to use them for certain things like watching the TV, seeing the board at school and in general, seeing anything far away.

So I slip them on for those activities and take them off afterwards. I just like seeing things clearly but I dont want my eyes to deteriorate especially because my optician said my first prescription is pretty high.

That is because your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses have not had to do much, if any, focusing.

It is very likely that your Ciliary Muscles are very weak.

Also remember that everyone you see, who wears vision correction, experienced the same anxiety about wearing glasses in front of parents, relatives, friends and associates. i also posted in "vision" cause i wasn't sure which thread was best so u can stay updated there too with my journey with glasses. Are you boy or girl, man or woman, what age, what place? I cannot imagine the need for a -3,25 correction without using this correction.

You're better off when you are giving in, you won't be unhappy, that's for sure.

Cactus Jack , newglasses, I thought I would take a few minutes and explain a bit about how Vision works. That in turn means that everything beyond about 31 cm or 12 inches is increasingly blurry, unless you also have some Astigmatism.

Think about my words, you might agree after a weeks time??If you also have some Cylinder (and Axis) (they always go together) in your glasses, the blur will start closer than the distances mentioned above.The brain has amazing ability to correct some blur, IF it knows what something is supposed to look like, but it takes a lot of energy and effort.With external correction using either glasses or contact lenses, your brain gets high quality images from your eyes and the image processing is no longer necessary.I usually takes a few days for your brain to stop correcting the images, which you are noticing.

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