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Inc., and was a member of Columbus Board of REALTORS® for 50 years. Philip is survived by his wife Mary Jean Mc Carthy; children Chris (Kimbol) Stroud, Cathy, Mark, Jeff, Molly (Scott) Dempsey, Laurie (Rob) Hawley, Jim (Sharon) Holdrieth; 18 grandchildren; three great grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews.

Emily was very generous with her time and resources, having donated to various animal charities; as well as involvement with The Assistance League of Central Ohio and the Columbus Grief Group.In addition to his parents, Chuck was preceded in death by his brother, Howard.Chuck was a Real Estate Broker with the Columbus Board of Realtors from 1954 until his passing.Memorial Mass will be held 10a Tuesday at Christ the King Church 2777 East Livingston Ave. For all those who wish, you are more than welcome to wear Scarlet and Grey to services.In lieu of flowers, charitable opportunities lie before you every day, "Get on it". Kocher, age 79, passed away on July 3, 2018 at Mt Carmel East Hospital.

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