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She starts with cardio and goes with weight training afterward to build muscles.Regarding diet, Joanna says that she eats whatever she wants. Krupa controls herself and stops eating when she is getting full.Those two [relationships] are, I will say, my true friends that have developed [from when] we met on the show that turned into a beautiful friendship that I treasure to this moment.

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Krupa added she married her friend and business partner, but not her lover. “He had wanted a family, but I was always traveling and made work my priority.

The model and actress didn't live any moment off camera — from taking viewers inside her therapy sessions with longtime love Romain Zago, to their splashy 2013 wedding, to, yes, facing off over that infamous Brandi Glanville comment, Joanna was an open book. Obviously there were some moments in there with certain people that weren't the greatest, but I'm very grateful that I was part of that show because it did save my relationship with Romain.

Nearly three years later, she remains as busy as ever, thanks to a budding movie career and her work on ? We had a little bit of a bumpy road when we started filming, so obviously it could have either broken our relationship or made it stronger.

Hence, her dietary habits together with workout lead her to such a great body.

Super model and actress Joanna Krupa arrives at the first annual Spike television's "Guys Choice" awards show in the Studio City area of Los Angeles June 9, 2007.

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