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People these days in the South go about their daily lives not knowing on the very place they maybe standing may hold great significance in history.We set in traffic passing by the same old routies to work or going to visit grandma's house having always noticed that along the way.There was that odd curve in the road that seemed to be there for no purpose or an earthen embankment that ran along a sidewalk on a particular street in town that seemed out of place?Its those oddities that are usually a result of some forgotten meaning and not an error of poor planning and development.When Vicksburg fell the hospital was moved to Shelby Springs and operated until the war ended.277 soldiers died there and are buried on the hill behind the hospital.

Anyway, it's a period of time that sometimes doesn't seem so very far removed.Cotton The cotton was on Sea Island off the coast of South Carolina.Cotton is funny about where it will grow, and wherever it goes grow, it erodes the soil.The springs were supposedly of some medicinal value, but there is a large soldiers' cemetery on the ridge overlooking the springs.CAMP WINN (Shelby Springs, AL) Shelby Springs had mineral springs in the area and was a resort for the wealthy planters prior to the war.

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