Mandating alternative energy

"This Clean Energy Standard shows you can generate the power necessary for supporting the modern economy while combatting climate change.Make no mistake, this is a very real threat that continues to grow by the day and I urge all other states to join us in this fight for our very future." The Clean Energy Standard will: · Significantly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and prevent backsliding on progress made to date by maintaining the operations of carbon-free nuclear power plants as the state transitions to a 50 percent renewable requirement; and, · Strengthen New York’s electric fuel diversity for the reliability benefits it brings.(See related story, .) “We are sending a clear message to the rest of the world that no president, no matter how desperately they try to ignore reality, can halt our progress,” he said.The new bill would accelerate the timeline for California’s current 50% RPS from 2030 to 2026, with an interim 45% goal put in place for 2023.

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In urging his colleagues to vote against the bill, Republican Sen.California has moved a step closer to adopting a 100% clean energy standard.The State Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would require California load-serving entities to obtain all of their electricity deliveries from renewable resources by 2045 (SB 100).The Clean Energy Standard aligns with the Governor's directive to phase out coal power by 2020 and affirms New York’s position as a leader in combatting climate change." The Clean Energy Standard decision today also includes other directives to reach the 50 by 2030 mandate: Click here to view statements from organizations which are applauding and endorsing New York State's adoption of the Clean Energy Standard.Maintaining zero-emission nuclear power is a critical element to achieving New York’s ambitious climate goals.

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