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It persisted all the way from the 11th to the 3rd century BC.The rulers of this epoch were no strangers to battle, but they also...But this was an extremely important deity in the Mesoamerican pantheon,...The Zhou Dynasty was the longest-lasting dynasty in Chinese history.Mnajdra is a megalithic temple complex found on the southern coast of the Mediterranean island of Malta, dating back to the fourth millennium BC.

Upon entering through the gate 3 feet wide beam reaches the lower stones of the opposite wall.

the sun takes one year to go from spring solstice to spring solstice, it takes the moon a lot longer.

‘Our Lord the Flayed One’ – following this god’s choice of attire, human skin - Xipe Totec would have been a terrifying sight.

Archaeologists working in England have excavated a holy well dated to the Medieval period.

Local legends speak of pilgrims bathing in its waters to cure their eye and skin diseases. Around the world, to all people, springs of fresh water are special places.

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