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Kail and her family, I will definitely visit regularly.Smith has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL this year, just completing his first 4,000-yard season to go along with 26 touchdowns and only five interceptions — all while averaging eight yards per pass attempt, second to only Drew Brees (8.1)girl who you've known for years who dates the worst guys constantly, and needs you as her male perspective...It'd freak people even more if somehow I started needing things from them.

I sit alone, and read, and worry, and think, and I don't know how much more I can, because no matter what I fill up my hours with, I just wish SOMEONE would call me, that someone would care.

Hey all, or maybe the actual few that may read this and take some notice...remember, people are selfish in every aspect of their in friends is someone they can gain from by being there for when they need to be, but unlike banks, people don't have a credit file of five years to check every time they look for someone to talk to when they need someone, they have a few days experience.they going to call when they need to chat aboout the arguement with their girlfriend?

the girl who you've known for years who dates the worst guys constantly, and needs you as her male perspective...

(Not mentioned: losses to the Jay Cutler-led Dolphins and the Blaine Gabbert-piloted Cardinals.) So how does a defense that flounders so noticeably against reputable offenses hope to contain a 4,000-yard passer that doesn’t turn the ball over in Smith, two 1000-yard pass catchers in WR Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce, and receivers in Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, and the NFL’s leading rusher in Kareem Hunt?

Catch 22 situation, and I don't know how to get out, I know the problem, but haven't the means to change things.

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