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Or (if you know what you are doing) you can edit the Apple Script in the Sheep Shaver Wrapper to change the default window size, and then hold down the Option key when next starting the Sheep Shaver Wrapper in order for the changed default to take effect.(Standard screens on Power PC laptop computers that shipped with OS 8 or 9 had screen sizes of 800x6x768.) If you have used the Sheep Shaver Preferences pane to enable . If that does not provide enough disk space for your purposes, create a second disk, using the procedures described in the wiki at I have benefited from many suggestions by Ronald P.Regensburg and others in the E-Maculation forum, and I could not have written this script without the help of many experts at and especially from Shane Stanley there at and at the forum at If the file is in the correct format, and is bootable, Sheep Shaver will boot from the image file. Start the Sheep Shaver Wrapper again, and it should now boot to OS 8 or 9, and the CD image will not be mounted.(If the image file is not "locked," which it must be if the Mac OS is to be installed from it, the Sheep Shaver Wrapper will offer to lock it for you.) Install the Mac OS from the booted CD image. (To create an image file from an installation CD, use Disk Utility in OS X or mac OS and create a disk image in "DVD/CD Master" format.) .(Expert users will know how to modify the system for use with System 7 through 8.1; non-experts should not attempt this.) See the setup guide at E-Maculation for advice on how to find one.

See Apple's tech archive on how to differentiate between AGP Graphics and PCI Graphics G4 models at: Power Macintosh version history and specifications are available at Tools 5.x is not compatible with the Mac OS X operating system or "Classic" mode in OS X.

OS X and mac OS no longer makes it possible to run "classic" Mac applications written for "classic" Mac OS versions, such as System 7 or Mac OS 9.

In order to run such applications, OS X and mac OS users must now install "emulator" software that runs old versions of the Mac OS in a window on the OS X or mac OS desktop.

Hold down Caps Lock when starting the Sheep Shaver Wrapper if you want to change the location of the Unix folder.

The Configuration Guide includes absolutely essential information about using the "classic" Mac OS in Sheep Shaver.

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