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Sorry if I ask something that had already benn asked in the forum. Lets say I fly TLV-FRA-ORD one way (all operated by LH).

Regarding question number 3 - can anyone tell me the classes for all airlines that I can use e Vouchers with? Say you want to book 2x Y seats between FRA-SIN and then use 8 upgrade e Vouchers to move yourself and your companion to C on both legs.

“Instead of just thinking in a digital way, and thinking about software as a service, we wanted Employee Central to copy our existing HR system.

We realised that was not going to happen,” said Simée in an interview at Unleash, a conference for HR and IT specialists.

I tried to look at the forum and at the FAQs and did not find the answers. If only 2 - can I use the same amount of vouchers for TLV-FRA(LH)-ORD(UA)? Can I use e Vouchers on CO or US (according to the FAQs no, I just wanted to check again)? Is there a list of booking classes on which I can use the e Vouchers?

“We hope to see an increase in productivity because instead of taking 10 minutes to update your address, it takes 15 seconds because you only have to type it in once,” says According to Simée, Lufthansa has learned some important lessons from false starts on the project.

Like other big companies, Lufthansa Group was used to customising software to suit the way it liked to work.

It calculated that using the same technology supplier would make it easier to transfer its HR data into Success Factors’ cloud service.

“We wanted to ensure we could move our current on-premise data, in not too complex ways, into a cloud system that had similar logic,” says Simée.

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