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This is kind of a obscure fact about Oo T, but miyamoto and aonuma have both commented on the fact that there was gonna be dating sim elements in ocarina of time.

This becomes obvious when you look at characters link communicated with like Saria, Malon, Ruto, etc.

Link must successfully navigate through each of the first eight dungeons to obtain all eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Once he has completed the artifact, he can enter the ninth dungeon to rescue Zelda.

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This flexibility enables unusual ways of playing the game.

Now japanese games back then didnt have the stigma of "games with dating sims and anime art styles are for shut in perves!

" like they do now, hell FF7 at the time had very simple dating sim elements tho it might have been more treated as just a fun thing.

For example, it is possible to reach the final boss of the game without ever receiving the first sword.

The plot of The Legend of Zelda is described in the instruction booklet and in the short prologue after the title screen.

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