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If the hacker were to gain this information, it would mean identity theft or even a possible terrorist attack.The ITAC says that about 15 million Americans are having their identity stolen, in 2012.A variation of identity theft which has recently become more common is synthetic identity theft, in which identities are completely or partially fabricated.The most common technique involves combining a real social security number with a name and birthdate other than the ones associated with the number.Synthetic identity theft is more difficult to track as it doesn't show on either person's credit report directly, but may appear as an entirely new file in the credit bureau or as a subfile on one of the victim's credit reports.Synthetic identity theft primarily harms the creditors who unwittingly grant the fraudsters credit.Authorities might permanently maintain the victim's name as an alias for the criminal's true identity in their criminal records databases.

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Examples might be illegal immigrants, people hiding from creditors or other individuals, or those who simply want to become "anonymous" for personal reasons.

Someone can steal or misappropriate personal information without then committing identity theft using the information about every person, such as when a major data breach occurs.

A US Government Accountability Office study determined that "most breaches have not resulted in detected incidents of identity theft".

Individual victims can be affected if their names become confused with the synthetic identities, or if negative information in their subfiles impacts their credit ratings., coined the term medical identity theft and released the first major report about this issue in 2006.

In the report, she defined the crime for the first time and made the plight of victims public.

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