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They merged into one under the ownership of one, Mister Joseph. On the West Bank Soda Pop operations were serviced from the Saint James Ice and Bottling Company LTD.It was located next to the railroad tracks in Vacherie on Vacherie road in the vicinity of the once Vacherie Oil Company.Tid-bits of information soon had me on a trail that led me throughout many parts of Saint James Parish and even beyond. It is believed that deliveries were limited to the East Bank only as the river crossing with weighted bottles was not seen as profitable.The bottle pictures revealed that no less than five different bottling plants were in Saint James Parish and one just outside affiliated with this company. There was the Convent Bottling Works and the Convent Bottling Company. The plant eventually closed as bottling operations were consolidated into ever larger markets as transportation improved.

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An iron bonfire marks the way is the first thing offered to tourists as they enter.My regular research patterns revealed virtually nothing.The library, internet and eveb the elders I spoke to who could reach back in true life memories could reveal nothing about the Soda Pop bottling plant. Landry lived on the site of his bottling and distribution plant. Ladies from the area could be seen laboring over large washtubs where the bottles were soaked and then rinsed with clean water and hung upside down to drip-dry.At the heart of preparations is ‘The Welcome Center’ which is located in a magnificent example of a French-Creole home.The house was donated by the Sardegna family to Saint James Parish in 1999.

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