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During the time between her retirement and subsequent comeback, a low quality video emerged on the internet through various sources depicting Sarenna Lee, appearing intoxicated and seemingly confused, engaging in sex with an unidentified man.Various rumors began about the origin and circumstances by which the video was shot.These included attributions to: a honeymoon video, former lover, an encounter with a club owner, and a possible rape.News spread to Sarenna and she implored fans to delete any copies they had and discourage any further distribution.She is currently married and has two identical twin daughters.In 2014, Sarenna Lee retired once again, ceasing from modelling, live shows and photo shoots and her webisite was discontinued.

In 1992 she began modeling for men's magazines and underwent breast augmentation to enlarge her already D-cup sized breasts.Lee was born in Winchester, Virginia, and moved to Jacksonville, Florida when she was 3 years old.After growing up in Jacksonville, Lee moved to Houston, Texas.One of her early stage names was Sarenna Lee Norma Jean.Besides printed media, Lee has appeared in a number of adult video productions.

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