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You MUST wear clothes where everyone MUST wear clothes - like the restaurants. They have small storage boxes mounted on the wall by the pool to put your stuff in.Otherwise, wherever you booked, you can go nude as you please. You can see your stuff just fine and no one will mess with it anyway.The nude side is probably a three minute walk and there is no restriction.Remember, it is "clothing optional" and "no clothes allowed" - prude does NOT mean clothes are required. Relaxed environment and vibe for all ages, shapes and sizes. The resort was well maintained, had a newly renovated room that was also vey nice.We loved it when it was dumpy - but the resort has recently gotten a great upgrade, and it looks amazing now.

There should be a good mix of both couples and singles. You can take the shuttle for per person or you can take the helicopter for 0 per person. It was extremely scary; therefore, my husband and I will be taking the helicopter when we go back.

My daughter loves her and doesn’t want to leave now. Resort & Spa will be a most memorable family experience!

Our staff are all Jamaican, naturally warm, entertaining and friendly.

If you're ready to shed your inhibitions, you've found what you're looking for at Hedonism II, a world-renowned Negril beach resort. A place you can really be yourself and the staff encourages it! The staff was great and tried to keep up a fun atmosphere, but it is different when there are so few people.

Eat, drink, play and party 'round the clock, all while enjoying the services and amenities of a first-rate resort... The food is very good, the rooms are just fine for the little time you should be spending there and the beache..." "This resort is always fun! Welcome Home is what the porters say when you arrive at Hedo.

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