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The amount of time pre/teens and teens spend online should be determined by whether this time is interfering with other activities.Talk to them about the importance of having a well rounded life that includes other activites such as spending time with family and friends (face to face), physical activities, etc.Think about how you found out this information and what it might tell you about your trust in her. Hernandez, you can contact the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.If you're worried or need support at night, you could try asking an adult you trust for help.My daughter is not yet 13 – I saw that she lied about her age to register an account on Instagram. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m spying or calling her a liar.The fact of the matter is that she misrepresented herself and was dishonest.

It is important to consider whether the amount of time is interfearing with adequate sleep, physical activities, homework, chores, etc.

Having open communication about what is and what is not acceptable is key.

There are some guidelines (e.g., no more than 1 hour per day for younger kids).

You should approach this in the way you would approach any other instance of lying.

Discuss some of reasons there may be for the minimal age requirement, such as potential inappropriate content, adult predators, etc.

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