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There seems to be some disagreement on this board about dating out of the Latino culture.I'm 100% Boricua and proud of it but I won't date a Latina. They don't like to shave thier legs, they keep thier kids and houses dirty, etc.I'm just turned off by Latinas and thats all....... ) but you shouldn't characterize all latinas based on what you saw growing up.I've always liked gringas and always will Papi, I am a "gringa", and I appreciate the compliment, however, I don't think you are being totally fair. In NYC I have seen some interracial couples but I am so surprised to see them involving Indian (India) people.

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I hope the way Papichulo78 thinks is not popular among the community.Also, by registering and logging in you'll see fewer ads and pesky welcome messages (like this one!) Not at my university but currently I am in NYC (arrived a few weeks ago).I have 2 sisters that have only 2 children and my other 2 sisters have too many kids that they can't support right.I don't have to like my own kind of people if they use bad judgement and live like slobs.

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