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In each of these situations the consent of all interested parties is necessary.

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However, no fee is payable for updating an ownership entry to take account of the alteration of a person’s address, or a change of name on marriage, if the application for alteration is made at the same time as an application for the registration of a transfer or charge.

Although Registry staff approve the form of the document, it remains the responsibility of the solicitor who prepares a document to ensure that it carries out the client’s intentions.

When preparing a draft for approval it may be useful to bear in mind the following suggestions: Each registered title has a separate folio number and it is extremely important that the correct folio number is quoted in all documents. Antrim would be three separate folios relating to entirely different properties.

Thus if a transfer which had been executed only by the transferor is amended, it should be authenticated by both the transferor and the transferee (Rule 34).

However, if the amendment relates only to an error in a map, or an error in a statement of area, authentication of the document by the parties will not be required if the solicitors acting for all interested parties consent in writing to the amendment.

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