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The men noticing he is drunk, ignore him and continue their conversation.

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” The Greek guy replies: “Eixa pae sto kafenio kai enas malakas ekee mou zaleisai ta arxithia mou!! Ma pos tha sou mini kana frango, afou then mazevese katholou sto spiti? (in response to the child’s use of ‘ta pethia tou ___” as an example) Food: Fai pethi mou, fai! 52) You’ve been embarrassed by Mom or Dad in stores because they expect the Greek discount and ask to waive the tax if they pay in cash. [This must be the first question asked of your child upon their return home after using the family car] To karo mou to kanate ‘vithes’! The use of the family car: To karo ine ‘orait’ (alright)?

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