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Feel free to make up a fake name in the chat room for even more protection.

Yes, nobody can see or hear you, we just type back and forth.

The Kansas Juvenile Officers Association (KSJOA) is an organization committed to Kansas kids. Active membership is limited to those who work in the Kansas Juvenile Justice System, or educators who have active D. We have some powerful speakers to include Larry Thompson, John-Michael Keyes, John Moore, Lt.

KSJOA was established in 2009 by the merging of Kansas D. Brian Murphy, and some new training by Calibre Press!

As excited as I am about our lineup of presenters; I am equally excited about our location.

At the end of our past conferences, we asked that everyone fill out a survey. Several of these speakers come from your recommendations as well as the recommendation to move our conference to Manhattan the next two years.

We just want you to join us, we don't need to know who you are.

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I can honestly say that I went into last weeks board meeting a little worn out after a personal career move as well as my three-year Presidency of the organization. We have some surprises as well as possible celebrity appearances in the works for this conference.

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We have singles in our chat rooms 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

We welcome anyone to join us in our friendly and non judgmental forum to discuss issues related to haording.

The group is open to those that suffer directly from hoarding, or their loved ones and friends. Join specialists and peers that understand the clutter issues that so many millions of people suffer from.

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