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I spun around, twisting my legs together and glared down at him.

My heart was beating quite fast and I was unsure what to make of the situation.“What the hell Brute?

A few day later, on a Friday, I went for my regular walk and Brute met me at the driveway where I gave him his treat and we set off together.

I was wearing a short skirt and thong with a tank top as it was a warm day and I was in a great mood.

Dog’s red cock came out and he appeared to enjoy the massage it was getting so I left doggy cock alone and rinsed him off.

While I walked I received a call and had a short chat with a friend, but when I tried to end the call I dropped the phone and bent down to pick it up.

As I bent down I got the surprise of my life, Brute licked me from behind and made contact with my entire pussy right up to my ass and he tried to continue as I shot up from fright.

Lynn emailed me a pic that an ex-boyfriend took of her body and gave me permission to include it in this post (at the end).

Eva and I weren’t best friends at school but we got on well enough and since we all parted she is one of the few people I still keep in contact with from those days.

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