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Also you may want to take a look at the past archives and scroll through all the past dares on this blog.There are many to re-live and you'll be surprised at how many you have forgotten and how many people there are that have submitted dares and can still e emailed.Some of us thought about going to a strip club, but that seemed kind of sleazy.We figured instead of checking out a bunch of naked strangers, it would be more fun to have you guys show us what you've got," Karen said.I will be away tomorrow and next week on holiday so dares will resume the next Monday (30th) as usual.In the meantime please keep sending in your dares as they will all be posted when I get back.

As she said this, and as we followed her out of the room, the wives all shared knowing looks so it was obvious they were up to something.

"You can either stay down here and shoot pool with your clothes on or you can get naked and join the party," Karen said.

"Just keep in mind that your wives will be expecting you." After she left the guys all wanted to know what was going on.

I was pretty sure my wife Karen was up to something when she said we should throw a party, not that this would be unusual except that she wanted to take care of the guest list and asked that I not talk about it with anyone. The invitees consisted of four other married couples we knew so it would be 10 people in all.

When I asked Karen if she had anything "special" planned, she just grinned so I knew she was up to something.

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