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Please turn off compatibility mode, upgrade your browser to at least Internet Explorer 9, or try using another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.Published on: Feb 15, 2013 At its meeting this week, the FASB discussed various aspects of its proposed standard on the liquidation basis of accounting, including (1) scope, (2) recognition and measurement, (3) presentation and disclosure requirements, (4) transition and effective date, and (5) next steps.Before the split, 1,000 shares at each totaled ,000; after the split, 2,000 shares at each still totals ,000.A stock split will not change the general ledger account balances and therefore will not change the dollar amounts reported in the stockholders' equity section of the balance sheet.(Although the number of shares will double, the total dollar amounts will not change.) Although the 2-for-1 stock split is typical, directors may authorize other stock split ratios, such as a 3-for-2 stock split or a 4-for-1 stock split.While account balances do not change after a stock split, there is one change that should be noted: the par value per share decreases with a stock split.This site uses cookies to provide you with a more responsive and personalised service.

Note that the total par value remained at the same amount.The FASB tentatively decided that public and nonpublic entities would apply the proposed guidance but that investment companies regulated under the Investment Company Act of 1940 would not be within its scope.The proposed ASU requires entities to measure their assets and liabilities at the amount of consideration they expect to receive or pay.The FASB tentatively agreed that entities would adopt the guidance on “the date when liquidation became imminent.” Entities that already present their financial statements on a liquidation basis of accounting when the standard is finalized would record a cumulative catch-up adjustment upon adoption.The Board tentatively agreed that the final standard would be effective for entities adopting the liquidation basis of accounting in periods beginning after December 15, 2013. The Board directed the staff to draft a final ASU, which it expects to issue by late March or early April 2013.

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