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At night, he could hear Taylor sneaking off to sleep on Hayley's bunk which was directly above his, and then the hushed sounds of... So I kissed him, and it was great." Hayley said, clinging to Taylor like a monkey to a tree. Hayley laughed softly, and the flattering continued."Gross." Josh muttered, leaning against a wall. He was not in the mood to deal with that.-o-On the first show of the tour, they kissed a total of seven times. "I kissed you without your permission, which I know is a shitty thing to do. Feels good to have the confirmation." Hayley replied, still smiling. Josh knew what she was going to say would change things.Taylor had his arm around her, and the four fans surrounding them swooned, literally. Zac, standing beside him, rolled his eyes."I can see your jealousy. It has green eyes and it's and fat and taller than you. Zac shrugged."It's easier than calling them 'Taylor and Hayley'. And seriously, your crankiness is making me cranky. They also decided the best way to interact was to keep running into each other, so Hayley fell three times. That was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. Unless she wants you to, but try not to." Taylor finished. When they got there, she took a seat and looked at Josh, expectantly."I guess I should start by apologizing? I also laughed at your face when you said your PDA with Taylor wasn't bad, which is also shitty but hey, it's true, but the thing is, even though it makes me angry I had no right to say that..." Hayley was smiling openly now, and Josh raised an eyebrow. "For what it's worth, I did think about speaking up at your wedding.Here's our recap of all of Monday’s action: p.m.: Paramore isn't playing today, but fans are still getting treated to a unique live shindig with Hayley, Zac, and Taylor. tradition in which about a dozen fans get to ask the band a burning question in front of a sprawling crowd on the ship deck.It's a little like Paraoke in that the fans get to take part in the performance, but this time, no singing ability is required -- just a clever question for the trio. "I didn't come back to a band, I got my family back...I don't know what's wrong with them." Josh finished, and Jeremy stared at him for a few seconds before bursting into loud laughter. He just didn't know what exactly he had to do, because cornering both Hayley and Taylor and say "Guys, your excessive PDA is making me insanely angry and you need to stop" wasn't exactly the most appropriate way to go. " She asked him, and Josh gaped at her."W- Did you have a fight with Taylor?

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If Josh had been playing, that could've been avoided, but no, the lovebirds couldn't stand to be apart during the fifteen minutes the acoustic set lasted. During the remaining songs of the acoustic set, Jon was looking at them from the sidelines, next to Josh, who was huffing."You, my friend, need to stop." Jon said, still looking at Hayley and Taylor. " He asked."Stop glaring at Hayley and Taylor like they ruined your life. Go call Jenna or something, but seriously, stop." Jon replied, and walked away. About what you think about me and Taylor." Okay, that wasn't good. And your opinion is important to me because you're my friend." She said."I'm... "I'm glad you guys are happy." Alright, that was it. "I just feel like your PDA is a little over the top? He knew he had to have that conversation with Taylor, eventually. He didn't want to look Taylor in the eyes and say 'Yes, man, I kissed your girlfriend. He would go home to Jenna, he would talk to her and try to fix what she didn't know was broken.

This is why these events are always oversubscribed by woman now and not men.

While the speed dating rotation itself had some fun points, I waited for the open bar after-party to really make any moves.

[Zac] levels me and Hayley out a lot.” p.m.: Things get a little more lighthearted when a fan asks who’d play each of them in a Paramore movie.

Hayley says Jason Schwartzman or Owen Wilson would play Zac, which no one can argue with.

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