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“That’s all I knew.”He should have gleaned from Isner’s only mobile device, a Blackberry, that he does not need to have reams of data at his fingertips.“I had to learn how to best help him,” Gimelstob said, “which is to give him the most important parts of what he needs to know and then give him more space.”In the 15 months they have been working together, Isner has become more comfortable moving forward.

His comfort zone is expanding, and not just on the court.

Married for nearly four years, the couple is in the process of divorcing.“It is heartbreaking,” said Gimelstob, who bypassed the Auckland Open, where he previously has begun his year, because he would have been apart from his son for almost a month.“As much as I love my work,” he said, “I don’t love it more than my family.”After the broadcast, Gimelstob had a short break before a scheduled ATP meeting. Lopez dispatched Pella to set up a meeting against Isner on Saturday. about his footwork on his backhand and his volleying technique.

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How can he straddle the players’ box and the broadcast booth or fight for all players as a board member when he is a paid member of one player’s entourage?

"Just playing like that in those sort of conditions, it's really tough on both of us. He also fell to the Spaniard in the round of 16 at the 2015 Australian Open. Anderson fell to the Serbian in five sets in 2015 at Wimbledon and in three sets in 2011 in London.

At the end you feel like this is a draw between the two of us." "You know somebody has to win. I really feel for him because if I had been on the opposite side, I don't know how you can take that playing for so long and coming out short." Anderson is 0-5 in his career against Nadal, with his last bout coming in a three-set loss at the 2017 U. His only victory against Djokovic came in three sets at the 2008 ATP Masters Series in Miami.

I played better overseas.”Under Gimelstob’s tutelage, Isner has climbed to 11th from 19th in the rankings.

He takes immense pride in having finished each of the past six seasons in the top 20.“If I didn’t pick up a racket again for the rest of my life, I’d be proud of what I’ve done,” Isner said.

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