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That's just remarkable how God works in mysterious ways.

Posted by December Sun Blog on 07/18/2018 PM # “Here I stand … ” With these immortal words, an unknown German monk sparked a spiritual revolution that changed the world.

Running time: 105 minutes Special offer: Order 5 or more for each. The purpose is to equip the reader with some basic principles that can be used to refute their arguments.

What I said was this: Scholars have long held that Mark was the first of our Gospels to be written, and that it probably appeared sometime around the year 70 CE.

Some scholars think it might have been a bit before that (I used to think that); more scholars think that it might have been a bit after.

But almost everyone agrees that Mark dates to around the end of the Jewish War (66-70 CE).

This was originally written as a defense against Frank’s attacks on pro-life street activism – a movement that his father helped bring into being through his books, .

Doner was one of the key architects of the Christian Right that emerged in the 1980s, who now represents the disillusionment and defection many Christian activists experienced in the 1990s and 2000s.

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