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That said, several other body parts scored lower, including the shin, elbow, and nose.At least in this sample, “men appear to have effectively the same distribution of erogenous zones found in women,” the researchers write, adding the caveat that “for women, several body parts are rated at significantly higher levels of intensity.” For instance, women rated both the nape and back of the neck as highly erotic; men did as well, but not quite as strongly.This suggests “the factors that determine the intensity of erogenous zones are not greatly influenced by individual life experiences and/or culture,” the researchers write.Feet and toes scored at the bottom of the list for both sexes, which would appear to refute an earlier theory suggesting they have particular erotic qualities.and let's not forget the infamous Ask Professor Stoner column, where you can get answers to some TRULY odd questions - even if you're the one asking them.Hundreds of dolls and doll accessories sold here at low prices.The nape of the neck also scored highly, as did the ears.

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