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I realized this after my first child, a product of the system, graduated high school with a negative image of Judaism...

[and] I realized that there were many other children who also had this issue as well — instead of having a love of Judaism, many were glad to be done with it.

I believe it is incumbent on supporters and influencers to disrupt the mediocrity that we have been following for way too long, and we need to demand that the product be more effective and meet the needs of the people in a deep way.

When we look at the models JEIC grantees are testing in the field (there are 10 models that have been tested in North America) one of the recurring themes of success is relevance — today’s student is not the student of 40-50 years ago.

When I first sent my four kids into the day school system, I had an idealistic view of how it would be.

After a number of years, though, I picked up on things that were being presented to them differently than how I learned about Judaism at a later period in my life.

Judaic subjects are the basis of the moral and ethical infrastructure that we believe in as Jews — that form Jewish values and a Jewish home or marriage.

Our kids are not experiencing the deep meaning of Jewish subjects in a way they can internalize relative to other priorities, which will diminish the specialness and distinction of the Jewish people as a result.

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