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For example, when medication is added to the IV, noting the medication in several places ensures the communication is seen by all caregivers.Line and IV labels assist medication administration and simplify various medication management processes.

IV Line & identification errors assist the medical staff and guide the right dose at the right time by the right route.

The fact is, roughly one in 20 hospital patient’s have experienced an adverse drug event.

As a result, experts believed that advances in technology—such as the use of so-called smart pumps—were the key to solving that problem.

A label placed at the top of the line and/or closest to the insertion point helps ensure proper dispensing Same Dose - Medication dosage is often changed from shift-to-shift.

Noting the dose on line and bag safeguards consistent medication management Time managed - Start and end times are critical in assuring the proper dosage of the medication is received.

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