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But, the assumption of Trinitarian theology is that God always acts as one when engaging the created order.We don’t have three different gods doing three different jobs.But, as my homiletics professor, Ian Pitt-Watson, reminded our class (over 30 years ago), while every text has many sermons, so don’t try to preach them all in one sermon.Keeping this in mind a preacher will want to focus on one of the elements present in the text.

However, he got the first major role of his career as a karate kid in series Monk.

Thereafter he was seen as Conan in ‘Conan the Barbarian’.

He is also known for starring as Jack in ‘Kickin’ It’.

Historical critical scholarship tells us that the plural likely stems from exilic, post-exilic understandings of the heavenly court.

Thus, Yahweh declares to the heavenly court, “let us make humankind in our image.” That does make some sense of the text, especially since the concept of the Trinity would have been foreign to those who wrote Genesis.

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