Is kieshacole dating someone Dating for mature adults

See who Keyshia Cole’s blind date is is one thing that they can do during the commercials to make people stay tuned on the show.

I do know for sure that Keyshia Cole’s officially filed for divorce last week so it is officially over this relationship is done between her and Boobie.

*They started seeing each other once she hosted 106 & Park. *He knew Erica was the one after they turned up in Vegas. That's the nastiest thing he's ever done. *Karrine allegedly said that he was the best she's ever had. *When he and Ciara were together, they were both learning (sexually). *He used to always see Kim with Paris, whom he was cool with. They started seeing each other right before she got with Reggie. This was like 2007, around the time she did the King Magazine cover.

He wasn't feeling her like that because at the time; he was seeing some girl in Trinidad. *Karrine told him that he would be in the book before it was released. *Anyone woman you've seen him with except for Angela, he's had sex with. They somehow got each other's info and were cool for a while.

Keyshia’s dating games continue when Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 airs Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

“I’m definitely open to being in a long-term relationship,” Keyshia says, before embarking on a blind date, “if the opportunity presents itself.” When Booby comes over to watch their son, the scene gets snippy, thanks to talk of *his* new girlfriend combined with the tattoo of Keyshia’s face he has on her hand.*He also checked him for posting pictures of Joie when they (Joie & Berg) weren't together at the time. They always crossed paths when he was hosting 106, then a year ago, he believes he jumped in her DMs and she gave him her number. They ended up meeting at Warwick and they had a great time. She's one of the sweetest girls he's ever been with. Over the past few weeks, she’s been spotted more than once with twice-retired boxer Floyd Mayweather–and even made a point to have the time of her Philadelphia concert changed on the day of the Mayweather-Mc Gregor fight so she could fly out and see it in person.Hollywood Life reports that Keyshia “begged” for her own showtime to get moved up from in the evening to in the afternoon, then “hopped on her private plane and jetted straight to Las Vegas.” Fortunately for both parties, things worked out: Since then, however, Keyshia went back on the road–Floyd appears to have spent most of his time counting his money poolside.

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