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Usually, the entries early in the year represent the dregs that the studios dump on an unsuspecting public that is starved for new movie fodder.

Parish, in the stock 'crazy sidekick' role, is great fun as the lusty TJ, but Sheffield gives nothing to Jeffrey that would make him seem desirable.Dialogue is natural, no mean feat when dealing with a hired escort dispensing advice to a cuckolded bridegroom that will save the day.Director Clare Kilner enables Messing's talent for physical comedy without resorting to pratfalls, like the subtle toss away of Kat's inebriated attempt to get out of a limo without removing her seat belt.Kat has all the women, particularly her humorously bold cousin TJ (Sarah Parish), lusting after her new man even though mom (Taylor Holland, TV's "Two and a Half Men") takes every opportunity to note Kat's aborted wedding to Jeffrey (Jeremy Sheffield).Nick quickly sizes up the family dynamics, particularly bride-to-be Amy's childlike tendency to demand her half-sister's 'toys' and former fiance Jeffrey's distress at losing the woman he loved, and begins to buff Kat's self confidence.

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