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Nicholas knew that I cared (and still care) about animals.Caring about animals would presumably mean that I would oppose their abortion.Pope Benedict XVI met with senior Irish bishops at the Vatican a week before Murray's resignation and said he was "deeply disturbed and distressed" by the report's findings.He promised that the Catholic Church would try to develop strategies to make sure the abuses don't happen again.

Bishop Jim Moriarty was not directly criticized in the Murphy Report, but was a member of the Dublin archdiocese leadership for more than a decade before it put proper protections for children in place, he said.I know what it feels like to be conscious of unjustified violence against beings whose personhood others see fit to dismiss. When trying to persuade someone of my point of view, I tend to offer analogies that might trigger a new moral intuition.That is why I now thought of Nicholas’s question about animal abortion.CNN's Hada Messia in Rome, Italy, contributed to this report.About ten years ago, I received an email asking what I thought about abortion in animals.

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