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The two of them, my dad and my boyfriend, had gone twice to the animal black market, an underground exchange where stolen or stray dogs and other animals can be found.My own dog was never found, which led to a couple of weeks of tears and grief and fights with dad when I got back from the trip, but the search led to another dog being liberated from that market.A mixed Pekingese, her eyes infected and her black coat ashen and sticky, she had stood on her hind legs and begged my dad to rescue her.She had been sharing a little cage with several other dogs whose only source of food was a tin container filled with throw-away vegetables soaked in water.The number of veterinarian clinics has accordingly increased.Veterinarians now advertise their services with pictures of beautiful dogs and cats, not in newspapers or magazines, but in the advertising pamphlets of local businesses distributed door to door.In the beginning, she hated me because she felt insecure around anyone but my dad and I hated her because she had replaced my other dog.But, two or three years old when she was rescued, she stayed with us until the end of her days.

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"I wish I were one of your dogs," a friend once said as she sat at the table waiting for me to cut pieces of kabob and mix it with rice to prepare a meal for my three pets.

I remember when Iranian dog food first came into the market, we wondered how, if the animals were banned, a factory had been given permission to produce food for them. But why not have a separate section for the animal lovers? If there are people living in the country who love to share their lives with the animals, why not provide them with facilities?

Rumor had it that police and rescue dogs needed food, so a company affiliated with the police or the Revolutionary Guard had started a production line. The answers to these questions cut to the heart of Iranian society's current situation.

But not all the dogs of Tehran are given the chance to win people's hearts with their pure love.

Consider the case of having a pet and living in an apartment building.

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