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3G system capabilities include provision of high-speed data transmission and supporting multimedia applications that including mobile TV video services, video-conferencing and Internet access.

The main differentiating feature of 3G from earlier mobile technologies is its ability to support video services.

We recently created Virtue in Media, the first digital citizenship curriculum based on Scripture (

ABack to top First generation mobile telephony systems using analogue signals, but with the digitisation of the control link between the mobile phone and the cell (transmission) sites.

One way that Snapchat allows marketers to engage its users is through the Discover section of the app, which can be found by clicking the three dots in the lower right corner of the opening screen.

From there, users are treated to an array of articles and engaging, looping, Vine-like video advertisements from places like ESPN, Cosmo, Buzzfeed, E!

But, I think that’s necessary, because it’s what kids are seeing daily.

I need parents to have honest insight into what is there. Our experience in elementary school classrooms tells us that kids ages 9-11 are using it.

We decided to click through the Discover section for five days and take screenshots of content that parents might not know is there for their kids to find.**Warning** I’ve left most of the content in its raw format. Which means, you’re going to read some shockingly explicit, even X-rated things.

It’s important for kids and parents to understand that Snapchat exists for one reason – to make money. Since the app is free, Snapchat makes money through use – the more the kids “play,” the more the marketers pay.

One might even go as far to say that Snapchat is in the addiction business, because they profit through extended use (example: the Snapstreak basically preys on neurology tied to anxiety that compels kids to keep their streak going by using Snapchat daily).

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