Intimidating chinese translation

Ensuring you get reliable certified translation services you can count on.But we also know that the Chinese market is different.Based in China, they're up-to-date with the latest lingo and trends.Our IT team provides us with a secure network (we're ISO27001 accredited) as well as project management, CAT and terminology tools, and website build, meaning we're as efficient as possible, lowering costs and providing you with a quicker turnaround.Ideally, you should have very good reading comprehension skills in the language you are translating from, and a native command of the language you are translating into.By “very good” I mean you can read a variety of texts – books, newspapers, magazines, etc – without having to look up a dictionary very often.

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We can also translate from Chinese into English or other European languages and certify it as an accurate translation.Our international cultural expertise means that nothing gets lost in translation, and your core messages get across intact.We can check your content and advise on how to approach your translation, pointing out sections and ideas that might not resonate with the Chinese reader and helping you change them, so you know you’ll get a translation, that truly creates value and ROI, rather than just costing money.I have also edited and combined various questions to make the interview flow better.Before we start the interview, I’d like to address two things.

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